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About Cynthia
Innovative Coaching Solutions ® Denver,CO

My professional career is built upon 25 years in the healthcare industry, including being a Certified Medical Compliance Officer and teaching at the college level; but, it is my personal belief system and dedication to holistic care and alternative therapies, that is my true professional foundation.

I have been a certified, practicing life coach for several years now; however, it was during my undergraduate general psychology studies at Capella University, that made me realize my core passion is to meet with individuals where they are at in life, and work with them to move forward to become the best version of them self's. While I have a profound understanding and appreciation for human psychology and life span development; it just was not my destiny to be a clinical psychologist, working backwards to uncover, peal back the layers of self discovery for my clients.

My compassion for others, intuitive nature, made coaching & consulting not just a logical career choice; it is my calling and purpose in life to share my gifts, education, life experience to help others heal, transform and thrive.

As an Empath, "Intuitive" Consultant...sometimes referenced as a Psychic, Clairvoyant: regardless of the social label, it is who I am. I'm also very scientific, analytical and pragmatic by nature, education and professional experience. 

Being a Life-Transition Coach, I use my education combined with my intuitive abilities to partner with my clients to define their goals and achieve milestones in a lot less time than most professional coaches do.  Additionally, I incorporate positive psychology and mindfulness techniques to empower my clients to sustain lasting change.
I look forward to hearing from you and discussing how I can leave a positive footprint on your life's journey.